Who Are Angoleiros do Mar..?

The Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angoleiros do Mar was founded on 5th March 1999, at Barra Grande a fishing town situated on Itaparica Island, Bahia, Brazil. This is still the home of the group. The island of Itaparica is settled within the Bay of All Saints, the cradle of the Brazilian civilization, where successive generations of capoeiristas maintain the roots and traditions of Capoeira Angola, whilst influencing its history, philosophy and artistic movements.

What Is Our Philosophy..?

The philosophy of Angoleiros do Mar encompasses responsibility for the development of our own work at different levels, looking to elevate and develop the technical and theoretical capabilities of the capoeirista (player of the art). We use Capoeira as a valuable pedagogic, artistic and cultural resource, looking to deepen the development of the capoeirista, and re-establish an understanding of the value of the Mestre as a producer and transmitter of Brazilian culture and experience.